About Me

Mama. Old Soul. Lover of travel.

This is who I am.

I’ve been full of wanderlust for as long as I can remember. As a fiery mix of Mexican, French, and Italian, I grew up listening to stories my grandmothers would tell about living in Mexico, my great grandparents’ arrival in the US and ultimate settlement in California. I’m an old soul with a passion for history–especially the 1920s. My passion for language and culture lead me to study Anthropology where I focused on law and society.

In order to feed my need for travel and adventure, I’ve created a life that allows me to do what I love and experience other cultures. My daughter is my reason for being and I believe that living my truth will set an example for her to go after what calls her. I believe that life has no limits.

You only die once, but you get to live every day.

This is what I believe

You can never travel enough.

You can never love enough.

Once you decide to be brave and fearless, there’s no going back.

What you give, you receive.

The universe has a plan, but you need to be willing to take risks to go where it leads you.

You’re never too old to start over or to start living.

Peace comes from within.

You gotta do what you love without hesitation.

In Medias Res — “into the middle of things”

This is why I do what I do.

My grandmother had been in the hospital for three days. During that time I was by her side constantly. On the third day, I stepped away for a few minutes to grab a snack and in those moments she passed. Although we were close, and although I had been by her side for those last few days, I still felt that I didn’t get to say my goodbye. I thought of the trips she wanted to take and the experiences we planned to have together that would never happen. I felt somehow that I had failed her.

It was my first experience with death and my first experience with all of the legal formalities that come with it. My grief was only compounded by the stress of having to decipher the do-it-yourself estate plan my grandmother had done. It was exhausting and expensive.

Prior to my grandmother’s passing, I had been busy with school, work and living life without any thought of the future (other than the bar exam). But that experience taught me the importance of planning–not just for living, but for what comes after as well. So many people don’t know what it is to have an estate plan, and the burdens it puts on their families when they die without them, or with poorly drafted plans. Decent and affordable options are hard to come by and people do the best they can with what they can afford.  

I’m here to change that. I focus on helping women plan and protect their loved ones as best I can, with an emphasis on not only having their affairs in order after they die, but also helping them live a fulfilled life.

My goal is that all of my clients have the peace of mind to allow themselves to truly live. To cross every item off of their bucket list. I want to make sure they know that it’s never too late for that trip to Italy or Disneyland and that learning to cook or paint now isn’t insane or silly in the least bit.

Why Pick Me?

I put you in control: Estate planning is a way to put you in control of your assets as if you were there to speak for yourself. Important questions like who will be your child’s guardian or when and where will their trust fund be spent, will go unanswered for months, and even years because it will be left to the courts to decide. It is my goal to give you peace of mind that your greatest asset- your family- will be protected and guided through difficult times. Coupled with life planning, I’ll help you to kick your fears, find travel companions and take the jump to creating an amazing life! You’re in charge not Father Time.

I understand life is busy: As a business owner and mom to a toddler, I understand the need to be able to schedule important appointments in the least time consuming way as possible. I offer a completely secure online office and Skype consultations. This allows both my clients and I to save time but deal with important issues such as designing an estate plan or dealing with a contract review.

I work hard to be an expert in my field: Education is important. It gives me the tools I need to advise my clients in the best way possible. I attend continuing legal education classes and go above and beyond the required minimum to stay on top of the latest ways to plan.

The Resume

I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I attended college at Santa Clara University where I majored in Anthropology  and minored in Political Science. My sophomore year, I went to Washington D.C. and interned in the Public Defender’s Office- Juvenile Division. While in law school, I worked for three prominent law firms in the Bay Area and volunteered with the Pro Bono Project of Silicon Valley.

I am currently a member of the San Mateo County Bar Association and Estate Planning Section, Santa Clara County La Raza Lawyers Association, member of the San Mateo Mother’s Club and member of the Latina Success Network, a networking group for strong, professional women.

Recently, my articles have been published in Forbes.com, Pennyhoarder.com, Mamiverse.com, Modern Latina and I have been featured on Blogs By Latinas.

In addition to practicing law and helping others protect their families and businesses, I spend time hiking, shopping at local farmer’s markets, trying my hand at gardening and basking in the beautiful California sun.

If you think we might be a good match and you are interested in working with me, schedule your consultation now!