Spring Cleaning and Estate Planning

Now that tax season is over and Easter has passed, it’s time to finish up that Spring Cleaning!

Colorful_spring_gardenSpringtime is a great time to review your estate plan documents to ensure it is up to date and reflects exactly what you want to have done and the individuals on the receiving end are still supposed to receive!

Some other times when reviewing your estate plan is a good idea, are:

Getting Married or Divorced – if you are getting married or getting a divorce, give us a call.

Children – if you have a new child or a grandchild, or if one of your children predeceases you, call us.

Financial status – if your financial status has changed significantly, for the better or the worse, call us so we can update.

Business – if you own a business and are thinking about selling it, call on us before you take any action.

Relocation – if you are moving to another state or buying new property, call us to restructure. The estate laws may have changed based on your new location.

Death of a Loved One – call us when a spouse or someone else you have named as a beneficiary in your will or trust passes on.

Aging – when you are approaching the age of 70½, when required minimum distributions kick in for retirement accounts, time to give us a call.

Health – if you have been diagnosed with a serious illness (or if a parent has) it’s time to review and update your estate plan, even though it may be the last thing you want to do. We promise it’ll make you feel better than you think.

Inheritance – if you are coming into a large inheritance or even just anticipating one, give us a ring so we can help you plan for it properly.

Gifting – if you want to make a sizeable gift to a charitable organization, talk to us before you do.

If you’re in need of a review of your estate plan, call and schedule an appointment today! The next two individuals who schedule a meeting will receive a FREE planning consultation (valued at $450).

So, call us 650-503-3770 or send an email to carmen@carmenrosaslaw.com