Finding Your Happy.

can you be happy for 100 days

As a society, we are constantly seeking. Always wanting the newest electronics. The perfect body. Money and Fame. More Vacation time. At what point do we stop wanting and start finding our happy?

Do you wake up thankful that you are alive? So many times we forget that waking up allows us to spend time with loved ones and appreciate the material items we do have. The day we don’t wake up means that we have passed away.

Are you spending your happy- that internal peace and gratitude for what you already have- the loved ones to share another meal with, the roof you have over your head and the car that allows you to travel to and from work?

Stop trying to find happy when it’s already right in front of you.

Tell your loved ones you love them.

Savor every bite of your next meal.

Enjoy the energy in your home.

Say thank you for waking up one more day.



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