It Could Happen In an Instant…..


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I recently wrote an article called “10 Things Every Estate Planning Attorney Wants You to Know About Death and Dying” and I wasquoted in Forbes last week. Check out the posthere by a colleague of mine, Jeena Cho.

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Anyhow, one part of the article really hit home today as I sat in Probate court- that’s being prepared “just in case.”

There was a little girl in court, about 5-6 years old. Now, typically a little one isn’t allowed in court, but because her father passed away without a will, trust or guardianship provisions, that little girl was sitting in court with the rest of us.

It was gut wrenching sitting there as the attorney spoke about her deceased father. How there was a wrongful death suit, discussion regarding wages and how the money was hopefully going to be enough to support the child. There were questions about whether a guardianship of the estate was needed. Talk about how her mother was considered a third party because her parents weren’t married.

Just imagine your child. Your grandchild. Having to sit in court and listen to so many strangers talk about their parent. Someone they will never get to see again. Having to listen in confusion as decisions are made about their life.

Lucky for this little girl, her mother is still alive and present. Unfortunately issues came up because the couple was not married. The mother was able to be the guardian of the estate in order to care for her daughter, but it was a reminder, that at any point someone can pass away. No warning. Just a regular day.

We live our day to day lives.

Postponing that phone call or email to a loved one.

Postponing drafting an estate plan.

Postponing taking that trip or starting that hobby.

Postponing signing up for life insurance or updating beneficiaries.

But in an instant it can all change.

Will you be ready?

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