Keyper- Black Friday Special


I’m launching a brand new product to help mamas everywhere protect their children….and I want you to get first dibs!  

KEYPER is the simple to use, busy mom friendly DIY product that makes it beyond easy for you to make sure your babies are protected and in good hands. You know, because just in case.  

As your child’s keeper, you want to make sure you’re doing what you can to protect them- even when you’re not around.

So, who will be hold the key to caring for your little ones when you can’t?

Let me help you decide so you don’t leave it to the courts!

I will literally walk you through the entire process- I’m all about making sure you get it and get it done! 

This product will include all the documents you need to appoint a guardian, get access to me and pass on your legacy for years to come!

Whats included:

  • Instructional videos by yours truly. I will take you step by step in these videos to complete your appointment
  • Tips on what to consider when picking a guardian
  • YOU actually completing your nomination
  • Worksheets to get your legacy on paper and story told
  • Plus a medical consent, travel consent and emergency form 

Retail Price for this is $497

BUT if you purchase by Midnight on 12/1  it’s 50% off- $248.50

AND if you purchase by 12:00am 12/1, you’ll get TWO Bonus gifts:

Bonus #1: Gift certificate for $248.50 to use on any of my services in the future.

Bonus #2: “Life as We Know It” on DVD, starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel

As this is a pre-sale, we are putting the finishing touches on the product and it is scheduled to launch January 2017. 

Once you purchase, you’ll get a welcome email from me. Then, in January, once our product is finalized, you’ll get an email giving you access to the videos and documents to get you started.

What a perfect way to gift yourself something so priceless and what an amazing way to start off the New Year!?

Highly recommend Carmen, she has helped several of my clients forming trusts and assisting me with legal estate issues, her knowledge and know how are crucial part of financial planning….She is extremely professional, flexible, and true to her word. – Laura Aguilera

I used Carmen’s firm for my Estate & Trust. I have two small boys and I couldn’t sleep knowing that I didn’t have a plan in place just in case something happened to me. Carmen made everything easy for me and put things in terms I could understand. I sleep so much better now knowing that my Estate is in order and my boys will be taken care of. I can’t thank Carmen enough for my peace of mind. – Nicole Rodriguez

I was new to the peninsula and needed a trust/will attorney and didn’t know anyone, went online and found Carmen Rosas, what a find! Made an appointment and the rest was smooth sailing. Carmen’s professionalism and knowledge was outstanding! Thank you Carmen for peace of mind. – Adriana Trimble

Carmen was straightforward, knowledgeable and friendly; she carefully listened to what we wanted, and told us how she would go about the process. She was happy to explain all the jargon, and all of our questions. – J. Nelson

We needed an estate planning attorney and didn’t no where to turn. So we checked Yelp and found positive reviews for Carmen Rosas. We decided to give her a call and we were able to make an appointment convenient for us. We found Carmen to be very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. She was very good about answering all our questions and took the time to explain the process. She completed our trust in a timely manner and I would definitely recommend her. – Teresa Loi

I came to Carmen with my estate planning issues. She is very knowledgeable and helped guide me in making some tough decisions. Her blog is also super helpful in answering a lot of questions I never even considered!- Tin M.

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