Online Law Office

We aren’t your traditional law firm. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the trends and advancing technology. We are a California virtual attorney office providing estate planning services throughout the state.

We know you bank online, can work remotely, and can communicate with people around the world with all this amazing technology.

At the law office of Carmen Rosas, we understand that you are busy and might not have a time to fight traffic, take off work, or find a baby sitter for an in-person meeting.

Our virtual office offers our clients flexibility to communicate with us during representation, while providing efficient legal services through a confidential and secure process.

Working with us through our virtual law office, everything is done via a secure environment at any time of day, when it’s most convenient to you:

  1. Request a free quote for legal services
  2. Request and receive legal advice through personal threaded discussions
  3. Complete online forms
  4. Set appointments for telephone or in-person conferences
  5. Upload and download documents in a secure online environment
  6. Access invoices and pay legal bills

Registration is free and will enable the firm to communicate and exchange information confidentially. Unlike e-mail, which is generally not encrypted, communications though the virtual aspect of the law firm law will provide you the same privacy protection used by online banking and government institutions.

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Although we primarily work online, we occasionally offer in-person meetings.


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