Legacy Builder Promotion

Hey Girl!

You know you’ve been putting off creating your estate plan for far too long!

You’re killing it in your career.

You’re maintaining the homefront.

But, it’s time you kick your butt into action and handle your ish! 

Create an estate plan to protect your loved ones and everything you’ve worked hard for in case of emergency (and the inevitable).

I get it. Life gets busy and you keep putting off certain things on your “to-do” list. You know it needs to get done, you think you have all the time in the world and tell yourself you’ll get to it “one day.”

But, the truth is, you already know tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

The problem with the “one day” theory is when the emergency happens and “one day” never came. You could be in an accident and be unable to care for your children, your bills or work.

You’ve worked hard for all that you have. You love your kids and your family. Show them by protecting yourself and planning ahead.

Now’s the time to take the step to ensure your family and your things are protected.

For a limited time, I am offering an easy, painless, and straightforward estate plan to finally get your butt into gear!


I’m Carmen Rosas. An estate planning attorney and life coach. I’m a mom and a business owner who knows what it’s like to do-it-all.

I work with single mamas wanting to protect what they have (especially their kiddos), plan a legacy they love and prepare them to live that amazing life.

I use a combination of legal skills and coaching skills acquired over the years to help take care of the legal aspects needed to protect their families while also taking steps to create more space in their lives to do what they really want- whether it’s soccer games and ballet recitals or jet setting around the world.

This Estate Plan is Perfect if You:

  • Are a single mom
  • Are a working professional or own your own business
  • Want to protect your children and make sure they are cared by someone you trust
  • Live in California
  • Have assets you don’t want your kids to get at 18 
  • Have assets you don’t want your child’s other parent to receive (yikes!)
  • Want to make sure your family stays out of court when you are injured or die
  • Want to pick someone you trust to make decisions for you (and help avoid any fighting!)
  • Are ready to get your shit handled and are tired of making excuses about why you AREN’T protecting what you love

Your Estate Plan will Include:

  • 1:1 call to go over your questionnaire and answer any questions you have
  • Revocable Living Trust to make sure you stay out of probate court (and save thousands in time and money)
  • Pour-Over Will where you can appoint Guardians to take care of your kiddos
  • Medical Release for Minors to make sure someone is authorized to make decisions for your kiddo in case you can’t
  • Health Care Directive to appoint an agent to make healthcare decisions in case of emergency or when you are unable to make them yourself.
  • HIPAA Release to let you pick who you want to be able to get health information about you
  • Durable Power of Attorney to appoint an agent to handle all your financial affairs to make sure your money and stuff is handled the right way
  • Legacy Letter to let your wishes be known
  • Execution and Funding Instructions
  • 30 day unlimited email support to answer any questions you have when completing your questionnaire or while reviewing your documents

Estate Plan Pricing : $1899  

(that’s 33% off my regular plan! And this offer ends July 25th at midnight!!  July 27th! I extended it!)

(and pick one, two or three payment options)


{BONUS} For the first 6 people who sign up, you will get a 1:1 legacy coaching call with me to figure out how we can make sure you are living a legacy you would be proud of.

Legacy coaching is all about creating and LIVING a life you love. It’s about living in a way that you would want to be remember. On our 1:1 call, we will dig deep and get to know each other. We will talk about what’s holding you back, what you want to be in life and how we can get rid of your big “BUT”. You will leave our call recharged and ready to take action and crush your bucket list on your way to a more fulfilled life!

Highly recommend Carmen, she has helped several of my clients forming trusts and assisting me with legal estate issues, her knowledge and know how are crucial part of financial planning….She is extremely professional, flexible, and true to her word. – Laura Aguilera

I used Carmen’s firm for my Estate & Trust. I have two small boys and I couldn’t sleep knowing that I didn’t have a plan in place just in case something happened to me. Carmen made everything easy for me and put things in terms I could understand. I sleep so much better now knowing that my Estate is in order and my boys will be taken care of. I can’t thank Carmen enough for my peace of mind. – Nicole Rodriguez

I was new to the peninsula and needed a trust/will attorney and didn’t know anyone, went online and found Carmen Rosas, what a find! Made an appointment and the rest was smooth sailing. Carmen’s professionalism and knowledge was outstanding! Thank you Carmen for peace of mind. – Adriana Trimble

Still wondering why you should jump on this deal?

  • An estate plan will save your family THOUSANDS of dollars in court and attorney fees
  • Save your loved ones TONS of time and stress
  • Give your family guidance on what you want done without making them guess or speculate (an emergency and death are already emotional as it is)
  • YOU get to decide who will care for your kids, who gets what and how you’re remembered.

We decided to pay Carmen a visit regarding our estate planning as the lawyer we had been working with, never got back to us regarding updates or even gave us a completed copy of our Estate Plan.  Carmen was able to step in and help us update our plan in a timely manner and we were given a copy of the completed plan with all the information on a CD all within a timely manner.  Carmen is friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.- Mary Varela

Carmen was straightforward, knowledgeable and friendly; she carefully listened to what we wanted, and told us how she would go about the process. She was happy to explain all the jargon, and all of our questions. – J. Nelson

We needed an estate planning attorney and didn’t no where to turn. So we checked Yelp and found positive reviews for Carmen Rosas. We decided to give her a call and we were able to make an appointment convenient for us. We found Carmen to be very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. She was very good about answering all our questions and took the time to explain the process. She completed our trust in a timely manner and I would definitely recommend her. – Teresa Loi

I came to Carmen with my estate planning issues. She is very knowledgeable and helped guide me in making some tough decisions. Her blog is also super helpful in answering a lot of questions I never even considered!- Tin M.


How Does This Work? Simply click the buy-now button and make your payment. After you make the payment, you’ll get a welcome email with more details, like my limited engagement letter and a questionnaire.

How Long Will It Take to Get My Completed Plan? Once I receive your questionnaire, I will review it and get to drafting your estate plan, usually within 10-14 days. At that point, I will send your documents for review. After you have reviewed them (and we make changes if necessary), I’ll send you final documents along with instructions for signing and execution. The entire process, if we move quickly with little to no changes can be done within 30 days. 

What exactly is “single”? Single means either you’re not married OR you are married but creating a trust all on your own. If you’re married, things can get a little tricky, so if you’re not sure if “single” applies to you, send me a message or we can jump on a 15 minute call. 

What if I don’t have kids? You can still purchase this plan. The difference would be the guardianship provisions won’t apply to you. I will design a plan that works for you. 

What If I Have Trouble Completing the Questionnaire? I’m here to help. Because this isn’t one of those DIY kits, you get access to me via email for 30 days from the date you receive your questionnaire, as much or as little as you want. I’ll explain everything so you know what choices you’re making.

Why are you offering such an awesome deal? I’m tired of hearing about how money is holding people back from protecting their priceless treasures. So, I’m offering this very reasonably priced plan to get more women off their BUTTS and into gear- your kids alone are worth it! Of course, it is only offered until July 25th July 27th, so act now!

What if I’m Married or Need a More “Complicated” Plan? This offer is for individuals with a straightforward estate plan only. If you’re married, have a second marriage or need special tax planning, the cost will vary. Feel free to email me for pricing.

What is Your Refund Policy? All payments are non-refundable. I can promise to work with you to get your plan done- with the 30 day unlimited email access, you will be able to get all your questions (plus more) answered.

Estate Plan Pricing: $1899  (that’s 33% off my regular plan! and 3 different payment options)

This offer ends July 25th at midnight

Ends July 27th! Don’t delay!

P.S. Don’t forget, the first 6 people who sign up, you will get a 1:1 legacy coaching call with me to figure out how we can make sure your legacy will be remembered by your great great grandkids and other loved ones! 


Still have questions? Get in touch by sending me an email at carmen@carmenrosaslaw.com or give me a call during normal business hours at (650) 503-3770.