There is a family emergency…..What do you do?

written by Silicon Valley estate planning attorney Carmen Rosas.
Create a plan for your family. It's called an emergency for a reason.

Create a plan for your family. It’s called an emergency for a reason.

As most of my current clients know, my family recently had a family emergency. This emergency sent our family into a whirlwind. Emotions were high, stress was soaring and at some points, we had no idea what was going on.

Family emergencies are not uncommon. It happens everyday to a family throughout the world. The past two weeks I’ve learned that without a plan, your whole world stops.

The key to having a plan that works, is having a plan specifically designed for your family. Not all plans are cookie cutter and fill in the blank. Families have various reasons for creating a plan, there are different dynamics in each family and sometimes simply appointing Uncle Joe or Aunt Mary to act as an agent for all purposes, just won’t work.

As you might guess, my family luckily had a plan and although there were times we felt confused and emotions were soaring, we knew what needed to be done.

For those of you who do not have a plan yet, here are some things to consider:

  • Who do you trust with your finances? Someone financially responsible with their own finances would be ideal.
  • Who do you trust with your children? Does this person have their own children? If so, would caring for your children be too much of a burden for them?
  • Who would you want to manage your healthcare issues?  Someone to make life changing decisions regarding treatment?
  • What would you want them to do? How would you want them to handle your affairs.

These are just a starting point. If at the bare minimum, you hand write something out to show your intent and to simply just think about it, DO IT!

If you want documents that are legally binding, our office can help. Give us a call and our Client Intake Specialist will schedule an appointment for you and get you documents to fill out before our meeting.