Fear of Judgement is a Prison

Let’s talk about Fear of Judgement.
How many times have you held yourself back because you were worried about what other people would think or say?
I get it. I get it because I’ve been there and it’s still a struggle.
When you create a life on YOUR terms, not everyone will agree with it. Not everyone will like it. And truth is, you may lose some people along the way…..
Remember when you first became a mom and all the info you had to sort through….
breastfeeding v. formula
co-sleeping v. not co-sleeping
organic v. conventional
store bought puree v. homemade
cloth diaper v. disposable
You get the picture.
You’re raising a healthy little human (or have raised them). Mama you made it!
It didn’t matter what everyone had to say, you did what you needed to do to keep your baby alive while maintaining your sanity.
And whether you’ve realized it yet or not, life works the same way.
9-5 v. entrepreneur
digital nomad v. location dependent
kids v. no kids
vegan v. paleo v. whatever else
mama self-care v. martyr
No one said it would be easy, that’s for sure!
But, from this day forward, I’m going to tell you what to do…
Stop giving other people the power to determine how you “do life”
Just live. Live….
In whatever way it makes your heart sing
In whatever way brings you joy
In whatever way gives you the biggest belly laughs
In whatever way works for your family
In whatever way leads to you achieving the goals you have created for yourself
You got this
(This picture was taken almost 2.5 years ago! After being induced and in labor for over 24 hours, this little one was forced out via c-section. I should have known then she would be doing life on her terms!)
csection pic