What’s a vision board and does it work?

Hey Mama!

Our second vision board party is underway and if you still need tickets, there are a few more days to purchase. visualize-flyer-1

I’ve been getting lots of questions about vision boards and whether or not they work- they do!

What’s a Vision Board? 
A vision board is just that- a board with your vision. It’s a board where your highest priorities and intentions are planted.

It’s what you want your life to be. Where you want to go. Who you want to meet.

{Note: The image in the background of the VISUALIZE flyer is a digital vision board I did in early 2016. I had healthy eating, a growing family, travel, love, spiritual awareness.}

You flip through magazines, draw pictures, print items, and/or attach mementos to a board that has the highest vision for your life.

The only rule to creating a vision board is THERE IS NO RULE. It can be whatever you want it to be.

But does it really work? Visualization is one of the most powerful exercises you can do. What you think you become. Not only does your vision board focus on the things you want, more importantly it focuses on the things you want to FEEL!  Do you want to be happy, peaceful, empowered, loved?

One thing you have to remember though, is a vision board is simply a tool.

It works if you work. In the process of creating the vision board, you get clarity on what you want to happen in your life and how you want to feel. By creating the board, you are setting the intention to manifest those things with the help of God and/or the Universe and of course taking action.

Want to know more, come join me in the first VISUALIZE vision board party happening THIS SATURDAY JANUARY 14th at 1:00pm! 

I will walk you through some exercises to get clear on where you want your life to go. What you want your legacy to be. What not to do. And of course the best steps to take to get you there.

You can buy tickets here. Space is limited so you won’t want to wait until the last minute!


What’s the ROI of You?!

Hey There! 

Is it just me, or does there really need to be a day in between Saturday and Sunday?! The weekend always seems a little too short.

This past Friday I went to something called an “unconference”- no agenda, no set speakers. The attendees were all in charge of creating what was discussed. Oh, and did I also mention it was made up of 80 women lawyers?! Dope, right?

It was amazing and motivating to see so many individuals dealing with similar issues- work/life balance, being a perfect mom and being a great employee/er, wanting career growth, etc. Absolutely EMPOWERING and I made some really awesome new friends!

Obviously, it got me thinking about you and how much energy you spend on things you can change but don’t. Double standards, pay inequality, and lack of women in certain careers are all issues that are being addressed within society…..slowly but surely. But your personal issues and concerns- well those you can deal with head on and RIGHT NOW.

As your business and your family grow, it’s important to make sure you take some time to step back and re-evalute how you’re spending your time. Where are you investing your energy and whats the return on investment (ROI) of that energy?

Not only is caring for the kiddos, the house and the business important, but so is self-care. You don’t want to burn out. So, take steps to tackle things that have been lingering and taking up too much of your energy.

Whether its creating your estate plan, incorporating a new business, or deciding how your business will run when you’re gone- you have items on your mind that could have been checked off a loooooong time ago. Let’s be honest, if you would stop being afraid of the uncertainty and stop procrastinating, you could deal with some of the energy-suckers.

Stop spending your time on the “WHAT-IFs” and put some plans in place so you can spend more time snuggling with those babies and building your squad.

Moral of this story: Stop with the excuses already! Invest in yourself, your business, and your family. Meet new people. Get out of your comfort zone.

And I can promise you that the ROI on getting your ducks in a row and taking care of yourself outweighs the stress, time and financial impact of dealing with the clean up after a storm.

So, cheers to new beginnings- a new week and new month- and to getting sh!t done!



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What to expect when working with me!

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Estate Planning for Newlyweds

NewlywedsIt’s that time of year! Time for beautiful weddings, fun receptions, delicious cakes, special gifts, and romantic honeymoons.  While this is a happy and joyful time for everyone, it’s also time for you and your new spouse to plan for your future- for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, right?

If you’re recently married or engaged, this post is for you!

Why Newlyweds Need to Plan Their Estates

Why should newlyweds care about estate planning?  Because everyone – young or old, married or single – needs to protect themselves and those they love.

Unfortunately, many couples spend more time planning their wedding and honeymoon than they do planning the best way to protect each other.

What Happens Without an Estate Plan?

This fallout of becoming incapacitated or dying without an estate plan is serious, expensive, and painful.  It often causes financial ruin and family discord, lasting for generations.

Without an estate plan:

  • You will leave your spouse and the rest of your family in the dark – they won’t know what you would want to happen if you became incapacitated or died.  This often leads to family fights as each individual champions for what she thinks you would have wanted.
  • You’ll leave a huge burden on your loved ones to make tough decisions about medical heroics and the withdrawal of life support.
  • The court or state law, not you, will decide who makes health care decisions if you are unable to make those decisions yourself.
  • A judge, not you, will decide who raises your children.
  • The court can lock down your assets so even your spouse has to get court permission before making a financial move.
  • Any assets you leave to loved ones can be taken by their divorcing spouses, bankruptcy creditors, medical crisis creditors, predators, and frivolous lawsuits.
  • You may accidentally disinherit your spouse and your children.
  • Your beloved pet could end up in a shelter or euthanized.

What Should You Do?

We invite you and your new spouse to telephone our office to set up a meeting.  We’ll walk you through how to protect each other and those you love; how to protect your beloved pets; and how to protect your assets and make things easier for you and your families.  Call now; we look forward to hearing from you.

World Autism Awareness Day + Special Needs Planning

written by Silicon Valley Estate Planning Attorney Carmen Rosas



April 2 is celebrated as World Autism Awareness Day. With the growing prevalence of autism, more and more parents are learning what it’s like to care for a special needs child.

However, with that additional care requires additional planning to ensure the child is properly cared for long term.

Special needs planning through your estate plan allows you to appoint a caretaker and manage finances in a way that will not inhibit any government benefits your child may receive.

If you have questions about estate planning and creating a special needs trust for your adult or infant child, give us a call. For more information on autism, visit www.autismspeaks.org.

5 Estate Planning Tips for Women (and the men who love them!)

written by California estate planning attorney Carmen Rosas 

Estate planning is an important issue for everyone, regardless of the size of their estate. For women, however, it is even more important. Did you know, women on average live longer than men and thus have to manage living expenses for a longer period of time. Women also tend to make less money on average than men and may be at a financial disadvantage when their partner dies. Get started now to ensure your financial life is organized in a way to live comfortably and pass on your wealth to beneficiaries you designate.Here are 5 important tips for women to consider:

Women need to have an estate plan!
Women need to have an estate plan!
  1. Everyone Needs a Will– without a will, the court will determine how your estate is split up. This means if you have a life partner or are unmarried, the court will pass your estate on to “your next of kin.” Make sure your intent is on paper and in a legally binding document!
  2. Tax Implications– when assets transfer to a spouse, it may receive certain tax exemptions. However, if your estate exceeds a certain amount it may be subject to an estate tax. Also, if your assets pass to an adult child or another family member, the estate may still be subject to a tax.
  3. Evaluate Your Estate Planning After Your Spouse Dies– Many people do not revisit their estate plan once it is created. However upon the death of your spouse/partner or divorce, it is important that your estate plan is updated to reflect the proper beneficiaries.
  4. Trusts Can Keep Your Assets in the Hands of Those You Choose
    When you think of trusts, you may think that they only apply to the very wealthy. Trusts can help even those with smaller estates to protect the assets and ensure they go where you intend. Trusts can keep money protected from children until they are older, and they can often keep ex-spouses of beneficiaries from gaining access to the funds.
  5. Choose an Executor Wisely- An executor has the task of handling your estate until all taxes are filed and paid and the assets distributed. Many people choose a relative or close friend as executor, but be sure to pick one who has some financial savvy. You are trusting them with all the money you have left in the world. It’s important to ensure it is transferred in the right way to avoid extra taxes and potential lawsuits.

The bottom line here is that you create a plan in case of emergencies. Estate Planning isn’t just planning for death, its planning for life. It teaches you how to manage your accounts and protect your assets- building your financial portfolio. Don’t put it off any longer! If you would like to schedule a free 30 minute consult, visit our contact page and schedule a call or Skype meeting or give us a call and our Client Intake Specialist can help you out!

There is a family emergency…..What do you do?

written by Silicon Valley estate planning attorney Carmen Rosas.
Create a plan for your family. It's called an emergency for a reason.

Create a plan for your family. It’s called an emergency for a reason.

As most of my current clients know, my family recently had a family emergency. This emergency sent our family into a whirlwind. Emotions were high, stress was soaring and at some points, we had no idea what was going on.

Family emergencies are not uncommon. It happens everyday to a family throughout the world. The past two weeks I’ve learned that without a plan, your whole world stops.

The key to having a plan that works, is having a plan specifically designed for your family. Not all plans are cookie cutter and fill in the blank. Families have various reasons for creating a plan, there are different dynamics in each family and sometimes simply appointing Uncle Joe or Aunt Mary to act as an agent for all purposes, just won’t work.

As you might guess, my family luckily had a plan and although there were times we felt confused and emotions were soaring, we knew what needed to be done.

For those of you who do not have a plan yet, here are some things to consider:

  • Who do you trust with your finances? Someone financially responsible with their own finances would be ideal.
  • Who do you trust with your children? Does this person have their own children? If so, would caring for your children be too much of a burden for them?
  • Who would you want to manage your healthcare issues?  Someone to make life changing decisions regarding treatment?
  • What would you want them to do? How would you want them to handle your affairs.

These are just a starting point. If at the bare minimum, you hand write something out to show your intent and to simply just think about it, DO IT!

If you want documents that are legally binding, our office can help. Give us a call and our Client Intake Specialist will schedule an appointment for you and get you documents to fill out before our meeting.

Time flies……

….when you’re having fun!

Hi and Happy February!   february

I cannot believe how quickly time has flown. It’s been almost a month since my last post and I promise to keep in touch more! We have been busy with new estate plans and planning tricks and tips for our clients. On top of that we have been busy out in the community.

Not sure if I mentioned it, but I was elected president of the Santa Clara County La Raza Lawyer’s Association. I was so honored to be nominated and know I have some big heels to fill. If you don’t know much about the organization, visit our website www.scclarazalawyers.com and see what new and exciting events we have going on.

In addition to that, two of my estate planning articles were published in an online magazine and I am in the process of writing a third article for another online magazine! The articles are here– take a look and please let me know your thoughts!

Well, just wanted to check in with you and give you an update. I will also be sending out my Valentine’s Day Newsletter this week so stay tuned!

If you do not yet have an estate plan, have questions or need help with a trust administration or probate proceeding, schedule your  30 minute complimentary strategy session. Simply schedule your call on our website contact page or simply click this link!


Getting Older…. It’s not THAT bad!

written by Bay Area estate planning attorney Carmen Rosas. 


So, yesterday I celebrated my 30th birthday! I was really nervous about this big birthday since, 30 means being a real “grown-up”, right?  Anyhow, I spent the weekend with friends and had a nice dinner with my parents and brothers last night. I’m excited about this new decade!

Just a reminder, the entire month of December, we are offering 30% off ALL estate plans and updates. Just be sure to schedule your appointment before 12/31/13 to take advantage of the discount.


P.S. Keep warm out there! 🙂